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Labiaplasty, one of the lesser known cosmetic surgery procedures, was recently featured on The Doctors TV program. The vaginal reduction surgery has been gaining popularity in recent years, and the show highlighted a patient named Shannon who underwent the procedure. The 23-year-old patient reported that she felt deformed and said she had “constant discomfort throughout… Continue Reading »

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Liposuction is a common cosmetic surgery procedure that selectively removes deposits of body fat in targeted areas. Read on to learn the answers to common liposuction questions. Is liposuction a weight loss procedure? Liposuction is not an obesity or weight loss treatment; it selectively removes persistent subcutaneous fat — fat that’s directly under the skin… Continue Reading »

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Popular celebrities can influence their fans to seek out cosmetic surgery to look like them, according to some cosmetic surgeons. Here are some of the current popular requests for cosmetic surgery to look like a celebrity: Facial Procedures Some cosmetic surgeons report that Lady Gaga’s face is popular for those who are looking for a… Continue Reading »

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The best age for cosmetic surgery for some people is when they are in there 60s, 70s and even 80s, according to The New York Times. For those in good health, like an 83-year-old woman who recently had a breast lift with implants, it’s never too late to consider cosmetic surgery. Experts say that more… Continue Reading »

Tummy tuck surgery, along with a slimmer abdomen, is known to leave a scar. Although the surgeon can plan the incision carefully to help conceal the scar, patients are often concerned about it. A new bandage that was recently developed by a plastic surgeon claims to reduce scarring after tummy tuck surgery. A study of… Continue Reading »

Maintaining realistic expectations is important when considering liposuction, so it is also therefore necessary to separate fiction from fact. Here are four common liposuction myths that frequently confuse and frustrate patients. Myth: Liposuction is for Weight Loss Fact: Lipo does not actually help with weight loss and will not cause a noticeable reduction in weight…. Continue Reading »

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This episode of The Doctors features a discussion of abdominal etching with VASER liposuction, a procedure that more men – including Blair Underwood from L.A. Law – are interested in. VASER liposuction is one of the most technologically advanced body contouring methods today, and it is available Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas. The term VASER… Continue Reading »

While new moms are overjoyed after the birth of their child, many say they struggle trying to return their bodies to a youthful shape. In these cases, some women elect to have a mommy makeover series of cosmetic surgery procedures, which usually includes a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a breast lift or augmentation. This video… Continue Reading »

Sound Surgical Technologies, maker of the VASER liposuction system, and Cytori Therapeutics have formed a sales partnership. According to a recent news release from SST, the company will be selling Cytori’s high-tech fat grafting systems. The VASER lipo system is a popular ultrasound-assisted platform that has been shown to provide viable harvesting of fat for… Continue Reading »

On April 7, 2010 the FDA announced that it had issued warnings to 6 Medspas regarding their marketing claims about Lipodissolve.  Although none of the spas involved were located in Las Vegas, perhaps you have heard about this procedure from some local practitioners. Lipodissolve is also known as injection lipolysis.  It involves injections of chemicals… Continue Reading »

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