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Have you ever wondered how silicone breast implants were originally conceived? In a recent article for, cosmetic surgeons explain the evolution of silicone breast implants and the key advantages offered by the latest 4th generation shaped implants. Some of those advantages include: – Triple-layer shell to prevent leakage – Anatomical shape for women lacking… Continue Reading »

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This week, we’re featuring a guest blog post by Michelle in Denver, Colorado. She had breast augmentation years ago from another surgeon and is now considering a revision procedure. This article includes her research and discussion on the topic. Do breast implants need to be replaced periodically? Breast implants do not have an expiration date… Continue Reading »

“I wanted to wear a bikini on my honeymoon.” I’m a 24-year-old graphic designer, living with my mom in Las Vegas. Dr. Pancholi did my breast augmentation with silicone gel implants six months ago, and I’m so happy I did it. This is an important time for me because I’m engaged and in the midst… Continue Reading »

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Q: Breast augmentation has become the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States; how did this happen? A: The simplest answer is that breast augmentation is popular because a) many American women are dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts and b) the procedure is a predictable and effective solution to that… Continue Reading »

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A little over two months remain for patients to take advantage of the increased warranty coverage being offered by silicone breast implant manufacturers.  Until the end of the year, breast augmentations with silicone gel implants can qualify for $3500 of warranty coverage that can cover revision surgery if a rupture occurs, lasting up to ten… Continue Reading »

Based on patient input, researchers have formulated a “conceptual framework” that defines successful breast surgery, in a general sense.  6 factors can influence patient satisfaction and quality-of-life improvements in cosmetic surgery of the breast: 1. Aesthetic improvement – this is obviously, by definition, the main goal of cosmetic breast surgery.  participants of the study commented… Continue Reading »

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Before and after breast augmentation, women often share concerns about whether breast implants will affect their ability to breast feed.  Another common concern is for the safety of the child; will the presence of a synthetic implant affect the breast milk in some way? First of all, it is possible that breast implants will disrupt… Continue Reading »

Why do breast augmentation costs seem to vary so much?  Here in Las Vegas I’ve seen quotes ranging from under $3000, to over $7000.  Is one doctor that much better than the other? Are they doing or using something special?  When I take a closer look, the differences really aren’t there.  So why the big… Continue Reading »

Breast implants may cause a change in nipple sensation in some cases. Expect to have a temporary change as nerves will be stretched by the implant and swelling from the surgery won’t allow the nerves to send signals properly for about 3-4 months. As the swelling goes down and the nerves get used to their… Continue Reading »

There are different levels of capsular contraction and it doesn’t always occur to both breasts. Essentially what is occurring is the normal scar tissue that surrounds the breast implant is contracting tighter and tighter around the implant. As this occurs, typically, people first notice the implant seems a little firmer. As the contraction progresses, the… Continue Reading »

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