Breast Augmentation Patients Build Relationships through Online Forums

breast augmentation forumsMany women are sharing their breast augmentation experiences on the Internet. A new study says women also find emotional support and build relationships by participating in breast augmentation forums.

The study found that overall the forums are a positive experience for women. “Through electronic postings, they cared for and nursed each others’ anxiety and feelings throughout the whole process,” wrote the researchers at Oslo University Hospital.

Online forums have made it easier for patients to connect and communicate with others interested in breast augmentation. The researchers suggested that for women who are looking for information on the procedure, the Internet “is one of the most important or perhaps the most important, source of knowledge on the topic.”

The women used forums and message boards to share information and experiences on breast augmentation and to examine their reasons for choosing the procedure.

The message boards are also a place for getting support and building relationships as well. “The most profound element of the forum culture was the provision of support to other women,” the researchers wrote. “By sharing and exchanging thoughts, the women nursed each other in terms of their doubts, bitterness, pain, sadness, excitement, elation, and happiness.”

The study found the forums offered women support throughout the process. For instance, before surgery women discussed how they were making decisions with regard to implant size, profile, shape, placement and material. After surgery, discussions included their experiences with soreness, swelling, pain and postoperative self-care.

Women on the message boards also discussed relationships with their self-image and their surgeons.

The researchers located the online forum they studied using Google. A few popular breast augmentation forums include Just Breast Implants, Implant Info, Real Self and Make Me Heal.

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