Do You Look Angry All the Time? BOTOX Might Help Save Your Relationships

woman-wrinkles-mirrorIn recent years, BOTOX® has received a great deal of media attention for its ability to solve a variety of concerns, from crow’s feet and brow lines to overactive sweat glands and migraines. Now, it turns out, BOTOX may also help save your marriage and your relationships.

W Magazine recently published an article called “BOTOX Saved My Marriage” about one woman’s journey to familial stability through the use of regular BOTOX injections. But how can a wrinkle or two have that much of an effect on your relationships?

The Wrong Wrinkles Set the Wrong Mood

The majority of our emotions are conveyed through our facial expression. After years of communicating our feelings, we develop a story with our wrinkles—and that story may become a permanent fixture as expression wrinkles become more prominent with age.

While smile lines can be a blessing, some less favorable creases can show negative emotions we’re not actually feeling. Pinched lines between your brows make you look worried, concave eyes make you appear tired, and thin marionette lines that hug the mouth can give you an angry resting face. On top of that, thinning lips may make you look annoyed or stern.

These facial roadmaps can permanently and wrongfully shape the perceptions others have of us—particularly if these wrinkles and signs of aging are making you out as someone you’re not.

How BOTOX & Fillers Can Help

If you feel that people are often reading you wrong, injectable treatments can make a world of difference. However, there is a balance to be achieved—you don’t want to overdo it and appear emotionless and frozen. To achieve subtle, natural results, it’s important to work with an experienced cosmetic surgeon and aesthetic team who will take a smart approach to designing your treatment plan. An experienced injector will know which product to use, how much to inject, and where to place injections to achieve optimal results for you.

While BOTOX works for many, you may benefit most from a different product or combination of products. The way to find out is by coming in for a personal consultation. Together, we can design a customized treatment plan that will best address your concerns. If you’re interested in learning more about BOTOX in Las Vegas, contact us today!

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