Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Forecasting Breast Augmentation Trends for 2016

woman-holding-implantsWhile feeling confident in your appearance never goes out of style, beauty trends come and go—and preferences in breast appearance are no exception. Breast augmentation trends took a new direction in 2015, and we’re exploring how these changes will continue into the new year.

Are Women Choosing Smaller Implants?

The late 90s and early 2000s brought bigger, bolder breasts into the limelight, with celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Heidi Montag, and Victoria Beckham proudly (and beautifully!) sporting the more “augmented” look. The popularity of breast augmentation surged during this time, as women realized breast implants weren’t just an option for the rich and famous.

In recent years, these very same celebrities have either had their implants removed or swapped out for more natural-looking implants—and many are predicting these famous faces will once again impact beauty standards. Cosmetic surgery blogs, national news sources, and plastic surgeons have all predicted a greater focus on more reasonable size increases to improve breast shape, position, and symmetry.

This trend for smaller breasts may be gaining traction in other areas, but here in Las Vegas, breast augmentation patients still favor a fuller, more shapely breast appearance. More so than changes in size preference, at our practice we have seen a larger interest in getting the most natural look and feel possible—and we predict this will continue to gain momentum in 2016.

While size trends may fluctuate, we feel that breast size is a totally personal choice; the most important thing is finding a breast size that will make you happy over the years. The good news is that advancements in implant technology are helping cosmetic surgeons to achieve more natural-looking results than ever, regardless of the final size.

New Implants, Technology, & Techniques Bring New Possibilities

Breast augmentation surgery numbers have been on the rise for years, and many women are taking advantage of newer implant styles and techniques to get a more natural feel and appearance. Here are some of the trends we’ve been seeing:

Minimizing Scars with Special Techniques

One of the best ways to keep breasts looking natural is through minimizing the scarring associated with cosmetic surgery. The transaxillary incision, made inconspicuously in the armpit, has been gaining popularity because it results in absolutely no scar lines on or around the breasts. Dr. Pancholi favors this technique for eligible patients—and his patients love that there’s nothing in the way to detract from the natural look of their augmented breasts.

Our prediction: More and more patients will be asking about the transaxillary technique or considering options for reducing the visibility of scars after surgery.

The Newest Generation of Silicone: Gummy Bear Implants

One of the most natural looking and feeling options on the market is the gummy bear implant. A densely filled, highly cohesive silicone gel implant that maintains its shape, gummy bear implants have quickly gained in popularity with both patients and surgeons alike. These form-stable implants offer a firm yet pliable consistency that looks and feels natural and maintains its shape through the years. They also offer a reduced risk of complication and patients can see their final results in less time.

Gummy bear implants can provide great results for many patients. Patients who are slimmer or have less natural breast tissue have found that these implants provide a natural look with reduced risk of implant visibility.

Our prediction: We’ve already seen a number of new types of gummy bear implants come to market recently, and we’re sure to see even more advancement occur in the coming years. Thus gummy bear implants will likely continue to be a popular option for slimmer or mature patients who seek natural-looking results.

Implants in All Shapes & Sizes

Whether you want your breasts to have a full upper pole, or you prefer the more natural teardrop slope, the choice is yours. Like women, breast implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes—and your options for customizing your look are more expansive than ever. Teardrop shaped breast implants now have lots of competition as improvements in breast implant material, techniques, and technology mean that round implants don’t have to result in an augmented look.

Our prediction: Women will be more likely to get precisely the look they want after breast augmentation with increasing breast implant profile and size options. We’ll also see more women swapping out existing implants to take advantage of the newer choices.

Try Them On For Size & Weigh Your Options

Your new breasts will be a part of you for a very long time—and it’s important to choose options that match you. Be sure to work with a knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery who can make expert recommendations and help you explore your options. Your surgeon can even help you try on different sizes of implants to learn what will work best. We recommend bringing a friend or loved one along to your consultation, as they can help provide honest feedback as to what shape, size, and profile looks good on you. But no worries if you come in on your own—we can provide 3D breast imaging for you to bring home and consider.

In the end, breast augmentation is an incredibly personal decision and, ultimately, the final look should be determined by each patient’s own anatomy and desires rather than current trends.

If you’re considering breast augmentation in Las Vegas, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pancholi.

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