Will People Be Able to Hear My Breast Implants Sloshing? Plus 4 Other Questions You’re Scared to Ask About Cosmetic Surgery

woman asks dr. pancholi embarrassing questions about breast and cheek implants

Will my breast implants make noise when I move? Can butt implants pop? Can BOTOX® make my face freeze? In this month’s post, we answer the five questions you’re most scared to ask about cosmetic surgery.

1. Do breast implants make noise?

Breast implants don’t typically make noise. However, if you received saline implants that were filled during surgery, you may occasionally hear some crackling, popping, or sloshing in the first few days after your breast augmentation because air can become trapped in the implant when it’s being filled. This air should be removed by your surgeon, but a little bit of air sometimes remains. Any noise, however, should be very quiet and subside after a few days to a week.

One way to avoid this possibility is to use silicone implants, but, that said, any noise is so inconsequential, it’s best to let your cosmetic surgeon advise you on which implants are most appropriate given your specific breast augmentation incision site and overall goals.

2. Can butt implants pop?

Yes and no. Most buttock implants placed in the U.S. are made from a soft rubber silicone to give the buttocks a firm yet “squeezable” look and feel and cannot pop. Buttock implants placed outside of the U.S. are often similar to gel-filled breast implants, and these can wear out and break over time.

If squats and dieting aren’t giving you that fuller, rounder buttocks you crave, we recommend a Brazilian Butt Lift. This process uses liposuction to strategically transfer fat from your thighs and stomach to your buttocks. During the procedure, I carefully shape your hips, belly, and thighs to accentuate your buttocks, giving you that fit “hourglass” appearance.

3. Can BOTOX® make my face look frozen?

The first thing I tell all of my patients who are new to BOTOX® is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wrinkles. If you want to keep them, by all means, you earned them! But if you want smoother, younger-looking skin, BOTOX® and other injectable neurotoxins can help you age gracefully.

So you’re interested in trying BOTOX® but you’ve heard that it can “freeze” your face—is that true? BOTOX® weakens your facial muscles just enough to keep them from fully contracting, but it doesn’t “freeze” them. You’ll still be able to move your mouth and eyebrows naturally, and the skin around them will stay in place. Most of my patients don’t want to completely get rid of their lines and wrinkles, they just want to soften them.

Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about your concerns and desired outcomes before trying BOTOX®, and make sure you use an experienced injector. Unlike other cosmetic practices who use nurses, at Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas, I personally perform all of our filler injections.

4. Can I have cosmetic surgery if I smoke?

Smoking inhibits your body’s ability to heal. Nicotine shrinks your blood vessels, preventing blood from flowing properly and cutting off oxygen to your tissues—a process called vasoconstriction. For this same reason, smoking can also create blood clots, which affect your body’s ability to pump blood to your organs. Nicotine also reduces your body’s ability to produce collagen, inhibiting wound healing and reducing elasticity in your skin.

Remember, nicotine isn’t just in cigarettes—it’s also in vapes, smokeless tobacco, and nicotine gum.

Ultimately, your health is our number one priority. We also want you to get the best results possible from your surgery. While there’s no set amount of time for you to have quit smoking before surgery, we ask that you refrain from using nicotine for at least four weeks before and after surgery. Not ready to quit? Don’t worry, we’re happy to consult with you when you are.

5. Can a chin implant move?

I hear this question so often that I dedicated an entire blog post to it. There’s a lot of misinformation around the subject of chin implants. While it is possible for a facial implant to migrate slightly, it is incredibly unlikely—and you can reduce the chance significantly by choosing an experienced surgeon. At Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas, I secure the implant by either suturing or screwing it into bone and nearby stabilizing structures. The implant is further protected by a layer of scar tissue that connects the implant to the surrounding tissue and muscle.

Still worried about your implant moving but want a fuller, stronger chin? Injectable fillers can be a great option. We offer two non-invasive injectable options, Juvéderm® VOLUMA XC and Bellafill. VOLUMA XC® is designed specifically to provide that desired boost in chin projection and volume. Made from hyaluronic acid, VOLUMA XC® can be injected throughout the chin and can last up to two years.

Choosing a board-certified surgeon is the safest way to go

No matter which procedure you’re considering, make sure your cosmetic surgeon is board-certified. Dr. Pancholi is an American Board of Cosmetic Surgery-certified and fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. He performs all procedures in his fully accredited in-office surgical suite, ensuring the utmost safety and privacy for his patients. Don’t wait any longer to feel comfortable in your skin. Contact us online or call 702-363-0240 to speak to a cosmetic expert about booking your next appointment.

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