2015 Swimsuit Guide: The Best for Your Breasts

Las Vegas pool season is closer than you think. Whether your plan is to lounge in the sun or audition to work one of the many famous Las Vegas pool parties, it’s not too early to start looking for that perfect swimsuit that fits you in all the right places. Unfortunately, finding a suit that flawlessly fits your breast shape can be frustrating, particularly if you’ve recently had breast augmentation.

For 2015, vibrant, colorful swimsuits with strong patterns will be all the rage, meaning it might be easy for your body to get lost under loud designs. Luckily, a variety of styles are in fashion and we’ve got some tips for picking the right ones to accentuate your shape.

Bigger Busts

Whether your breasts are natural or augmented, a bigger bust can be hard to shop for when it comes to swimsuits.

High Profile Breasts

If your breasts sit high on your chest and retain perkiness without support, here are some great options for showing off your curves:

Classic Triangle: a style that doesn’t go out of fashion, the classic triangle is often feared by bigger-breasted women due to its lack of coverage and support. But if you’re looking to showcase your assets, this top can highlight the fullness of your breasts. classic-triangle
plunging-maillot Plunging Maillot: this sexy one-piece has a drastic plunge that elongates your torso and provides a flattering peek of cleavage. Stick with solid colors to avoid camouflaging your body.
Mesh Overlays: the 2015 collections are giving a lot of love to mesh. This style allows for a little more coverage than the classic triangle, but provides a sexy hint of your underlying shape. mesh-overlays

Teardrop Shaped Breasts

For those with a more natural slope to their breasts, choices for flattering tops that offer additional support are popping up all over runways:

Triangle Cup: this top provides a similar shape and appearance to the classic triangle. The triangle cup has the added benefit of providing more support and coverage in all the right places without taking away from the flirty cut. triangle-cup
racerback Racerback: for 2015, sporty swimsuits are making waves. The racerback top offers quite a bit of support and extra coverage for active women with larger breasts.
Cutout Monokini: offering a provocative design, the cutout monokini will draw attention to your curves while offering a bit more support than a regular bikini top. cutout-monokini

Smaller Sizes

Swimsuits for smaller busts come in a variety of styles and designs, and we want to help you find the perfect cut for your physique.

Lower-Volume Augmented Breasts

Augmented breasts come in all shapes and sizes and if yours happen to be on the smaller side, there are a variety of swimsuits that will showcase your shape and flatter your frame:

Twist Bandeau: this coming year, a different take on the popular bandeau will be in fashion. This style offers little support, so is well-suited to smaller, perky breasts. If you find this style tends to slip down on you, look for a bandeau with an attachable halter strap. twisted-bandeau
bustier Bustier: if you’re looking to “wow” and emphasize your curves, the bustier top is the way to go. This style accentuates the fullness of the upper breast, brings your breasts center for the perfect amount of cleavage, and lengthens the torso.
Wrapped Bikini Top: a cute style that may give bigger busts too much cleavage, the wrapped bikini top is great for highlighting your breast shape. This style offers a moderate amount of support and has the bonus of elongating your torso for a sleeker silhouette. wrapped-bikini-top

Naturally Small Breasts

If your breasts are naturally small, finding a well-fitted, flattering top can be frustrating. Luckily, some of this year’s hottest styles will complement your shape.

Caged Bikini Top: the caged bikini’s edgy design provides decent coverage with a sexy twist. For smaller busts, this style can increase the appearance of cleavage by bringing together and pushing up the breasts. caged-bikini
shirred-halter Shirred Halter: retro is back and the shirred halter top or one-piece offers a classic, sexy silhouette. With extra coverage but no less sass, the halter is a great option for many body types.
Fluttering Tops: flutters and flourishes are coming back in style. Bikini tops with extra embellishments work in favor of smaller breasts by creating the appearance of fullness and a rounded shape. flutter-top

Wherever this summer takes you and whatever style you choose, confidence is your best accessory. Keep smiling (and avoid tugging at your suit) by picking a design that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and fabulous!

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